Game design project

An interactive Twine game
Collaborated with Morane Favre, Clément Grahn, Jane Hoang Van & Clara Stote

Sileo is a post-mortem agency offering conscious reincarnation services. An artificial intelligence named Scyllas invites us once dead, to take part in this unique experience. This would allow us a priori to be able to choose and personalize our identity for our future life. After agreeing to join and registering, we need to answer a series of questions that will define our new self. However, the more user goes through these choices, the more strangeness will gain the upper hand. Until the artificial intelligence takes full control, and ultimately imposes an identity on us.

Logo creation

The idea behind the logo is about reincarnation. Sileo represents rebirth, a restart in life. The challenge was to create the cycle of life within our visual identity.

Creating Sileo’s animation behind the scenes.

To create the game we used Twine, an open-source tool for telling interactive and nonlinear stories. We used the basic coding of twine as well as CSS and Javascript to enhance the experience within the game.

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