You can call me Mak.

I am a graphic designer based
in Geneva, Swizerland.

I believe in the power of elegant minimalism in a world increasingly saturated with garish colour. The qualities of being extremely thorough and accurate on my work create great foundations for my creative ideas.

Selected work

Photography – Editorial project

Taped in a distorted reality aims to show the limits created by technology in the form of photography. A very literal approach, which makes the photos quite raw and absurd. To demonstrate this personal bubble in an exaggerated way, a wall created by technology.

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Visual Identity project

Project for the visual identity of the HES event by the HES-SO Geneva and Explore (Geneva) called “Let’s dream the city of tomorrow”

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Video project

How does one end up in the insomniac state? What are the main causes? This project is a study of human behavior facing insomnia.

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Game Design project

Sileo is a post-mortem agency offering conscious reincarnation services. An artificial intelligence named Scyllas invites us to take part in this unique experience.

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Editorial project

This project is a catalogue of the different tubular chairs.

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